Monday, 4 January 2010

Life's Little Pleasures

I have been invited by The Wife of Bold to join the meme to list the ten best things in my life that are free. I love to think about life's little pleasures and remind myself of them - especially at new year, even though they change all the time. Some of them I can engineer, and some of them just have to happen spontaneously. Here are my current ones, in no particular order:

  1. Watching a good crime drama with high production values. My addiction for Morse a few years ago has now been replaced by series like Wallender.
  2. Doing anything together as a family, like our walk on new year's day or all going swimming.
  3. Reading a book in the bath. It feels really indulgent and I am going to do lots more of it in 2010.
  4. Riding my bike to the shop. My husband bought me a very retro 'sit up and beg' bike for my birthday last year and if it is a nice day I so enjoy a ride down to the local shop on a Saturday or Sunday morning when he is home to look after the kids. I feel healthy and free.
  5. Scrapbooking. Creating a beautiful record of our lives and generating order from the chaos of a bundle of photographs and some dog-eared tickets or a theatre programme gives me a real sense of satisfaction.
  6. Feeding scraps to my two chickens, Cecily and Isolde. They are so absurdly grateful and I feel a little like Ma Larkin.
  7. Seeing my name in print. Sadly, even if it is just for a silly letter or filler in a magazine I get a little narcissistic buzz.
  8. The feeling of total relaxation that comes when the house is completely clean and tidy and I am on top of all my chores. This one happens very, very rarely.
  9. Watching Gertie do something charming and unprompted, like give her baby brother a spontaneous kiss, or throw her arms around my neck and clasp me in a suffocating cuddle, or do something little and helpful around the house without being asked.
  10. Sitting by a roaring fire with my husband on a cold winter's evening when we have shut out the weather and the woes of the world.

Good. I feel better for all that. Looking forward to seeing if any of them happen today!


  1. Great list and thanks for taking up the meme - i like the siting by a roaring fire one and scrap booking! Never made a scrap book before, maybe i should compile one for 2010.

  2. What a lovely list. Although I never take time to do anything like this its so good for the soul to think about all of life's simple little pleasures. Here's to plenty of reading in the bath in 2010. Happy New Year!

  3. I love the idea of the scrapbook. You've inspired me! What's the meme? (sorry for being a bit dense) x

  4. It's a Mummy's Life - It's the Ten Things Best Things in your life that are Free, and it's worth doing!
    @The Wife of Bold - I do a sort of a year book for each year - they're brilliant to look back on.
    @Mum with Carrot in her Hair - You're so right, and I love the name of your blog, by the way!

  5. I hope that 2010 is filled with an abundance of all these things for you! Happy New Year!

    Josie (Sleep is for the Weak) x

  6. Beautiful list! Have to say my favorite is #2. All four of us cherish our weekend/family time more than anything else.

    Happy New Year!