Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Helluva Day So Far

It's been a helluva day so far.

We have had endless pony rides, been on holiday to Africa, opened dozens more presents from Father Christmas, mended a broken sleigh, (that was very tricky and involved lots of cardboard tubing) had our own bear hunt, and sported a succession of bizarre haircuts - and we haven't left the house. (It was way too cold for that.) Gertie's powers of imagination are amazing.

Sometimes I don't quite get it and she will tell me, "No Mummy, not like that. You need to have your legs much further apart to ride a pony," as she leads me twice round the table in the kitchen on my tiptoes trailing on 'ribbon' reigns.

"Oooh, wow, we're going really fast!" I cry, anxious to contribute something to the make believe.

She will give me a withering look. "That's not fast, Mummy. Don't be silly."


And apparently, I still had my helmet on when I went to kiss her goodnight. Easy mistake.

I don't usually embrace her play with this much enthusiasm; in fact, as you can tell, I'm pretty rubbish at it. But I am back to work next week as my maternity leave with Gilby ends, so making the most of every single second. And actually, that's just about as long as it takes to fly to Africa these days, as it happens.


  1. What adventures! And you never know -with all this snow you might get a few extra days of play next week.

  2. Ah lovely! I know exactly what you mean when they look at you like you're mad - but really you're enjoying yourself just fine! Good luck with going back to work xx

  3. @The Dotterel - I know, but after today's 'misery' I am certainly not wishing for any more snow!

    Thanks Fernie. I am not looking foward to it one bit though.