Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Old Enough and Large Enough to Know Better

January is a time when thoughts inevitably turn to getting fit, being healthier and losing weight - and clearly, when the new year 'detox' fails, the solution is gym membership.

If you have not succumbed already, then a word of caution. Last September I signed up as a member of my local golf club. This has nothing to do with a passion for golf (it is a silly game that I am rubbish at) and everything to do with a multi-million pound refurbishment of the gym, swimming pool and spa and very reasonable off-peak membership - £36 a month to include all classes and as many visits as you can make. They also have a wonderful creche.

So obviously I am regularly swanning around in lycra, receiving admiring glances at my svelte and trim post-pregnancy figure. Well, no. Because of course with two small children and in spite of the 'wonderful creche' there is never any time to go. I have calculated that my average visit costs £18. This goes up dramatically if I am forced to use the creche (not included in the membership and payable by the hour). A bargain!

And this is not the first time I have been suckered in to unrealistic gym memberships; in waving goodbye to my monthly direct debit I might as well throw a bundle of tenners into the passing wind every four weeks. I am old enough and 'large' enough to know better!

This is my 50th post - how did that happen? And written in response to this week's writing workshop posted by Josie at Sleep is for the Weak: What I am unable to learn no matter how hard I try.


  1. I work in a gym and NEVER go despite it being free! I will be walking to work this week, how good am I? (OH has my car as his is in being fixed and MOT'd)

  2. The thing I like about the gym is going swimming and actually being able to swim as opposed to stop/start around people (not always kids) who are there to play. I wish there was just a swimming pool gym. That would be great

  3. I did the same last year. My local gym & pool is a 1 minute walk from my house, but I still only went twice in 2 months!
    I pay as I go now, which is once in the last 7 months :(

  4. Too busy dreaming of gym membership... *sigh* ... how I would love that. But, of course, if I had it I'd probably be like you and not go.

    Although, creche, hot tub, swimming... tell me why you don't go again?!


  5. I agree, for most they are a waste of money. There is never enough time to make it worthwhile or the children are sick or on school holidays so you can never get there. ;0S

  6. Great suggestion - I got Wii fit for Xmas and it's a really fun way of doing exercises in your own home. Honest!

  7. @Diney - ok; I might just go with this!
    @Ang - you have absolutely no excuse!

  8. So true. I was a member of our local YMCA and just never used it as much as I should. When they put the prices up, we canceled thinking we'll use the gym at our community's clubhouse. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've used that! It's going to be the great outdoors or Wii Fit that gets me in shape this year. Hopefully!

  9. @Karen - Yep, I think I'm going to have to rely on the great outdoors this year, too.