Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Day Six in the Big Sober Household

It's day six in the Big Sober Household.

And the housemates have fallen off the wagon.

It began with a sloe gin, currently involves wine for Mummy and cider for Daddy, and will end...well, who knows?

I would like to blame the adverse weather conditions. In fact I'm going to.

We had no power for nineteen hours. No heat, no light, no hot water, no hot food. And whilst it looked more and more beautiful outside as a foot of snow fell, inside the picture was grimmer.

We couldn't go outside and enjoy the weather as we knew that we wouldn't be able to get warm and dry again afterwards and I don't do 'cold' very well at all.

We were four in the bed by this morning. It was way too cold for Gilby (who definitely takes after his mother) and began turning blue at about 3am. So we broke the rule and let him into our bed. What else could I do? And we couldn't very well refuse Gertie when she began screaming at 5am because there was no night-light and she couldn't find her door.

By lunchtime I had had enough. We do have an open fire for this hearth-mother, but our log delivery is due next week and we only had a handful left. Not good. So my husband stole a 4x4 from work and we invaded the in-laws, affectionately known as Grumps and Mumps.

And a sloe gin was just reward for finally building the perfect snowman in their garden (in the dark).

We will resume the January detox tomorrow, when normal order is restored. Ish.


  1. I fell off last night with a glass of lager (I don't even drink lager) so you're not alone! Thanks for following my blog I've tagged you for a meme over at mine x

  2. OH good for you. Hit the sloe gin! Sounds like you have more than enough to contend with without giving up life's simple pleasures too. Hope you get home soon!

  3. Nightmare! Hope things are sorted now.
    I made sloe gin for the first time this year and it went down very well!

  4. I don't blame you for having a drink, I would have too after going through that.

  5. And this is why I don't go on the wagon in January - its just not not conducive to staying off the booze

    And you have been going through enough to drive anyone to drink !