Monday, 11 January 2010

My Baby has a Super-Power

My baby has a super power.

Despite not yet being able to sit by himself, or crawl at all, and being only able to roll from front to back, not the other way round - he is somehow capable of transporting himself over a considerable distance when my back is turned.

I can only assume that he does this through some kind of tele-transportation process as seen or Star Trek or perhaps Dr Who. I can leave a room and return to find him in a totally different and seemingly impossible location.

So far he doesn't seem to have developed this super power beyond the limits of a single room, but I'm sure that will come.


  1. Lol its amazing the things they can do when our back is turned!

  2. When we're not looking, they stand up and walk. But then, I suppose we do things we wouldn't do when they're looking... !

  3. Have you found him half lodged under the sofa yet? That's where mine always used to end up when I wasn't looking.

  4. @Leigh Russell - You are absolutely right; the list of things I would not want them to see is endless!

    @ Heather - I will look out for that one. Sounds a little painful...