Friday, 1 January 2010

Bashing the Pedals for a Perfect New Year's Day

We've just spent the most perfect new year's day.

Gertie got up quietly and played with her little brother for a good hour this morning, giving us a tiny lie-in following last night's (moderate) celebrations to see in the new decade.

A large, leisurely breakfast followed; then a long walk through the woods from our house to a nearby pub for lunch beside a roaring log fire. (Entirely appropriate for this Hearth-mother.)

On the way home there was plenty of splashing in puddles, or 'bashing the pedals" as it is forever known in our family since this is how Gertie used to pronounce it when it first became one of her favourite things to do.

Lots of fresh air for the children put the colour back into their cheeks and means that they have both gone down to bed willingly and a little early.

How different from hungover, unproductive new year's days of old! The me of now bears hardly any resemblance to that person a decade ago who hadn't yet met her husband, was barely at the start of her teaching career and who most definitely did not have any interest in having children.

I spent the millenium eve a decade ago on Westminster Bridge awaiting the fireworks and 'river of flame' with a group of girlfriends. It was a cold, depressing evening, with my overriding memory being of drinking too much cheap wine from plastic cups resulting in us having to take turns to surreptitiously wee (if such a thing is possible) within a huddled circle of the girls due to the fact that we couldn't move off the bridge because of the crowds. I lost my sister for a couple of hours, she sprained her ankle and it took hours to get back home. Now this year's experience was far less dramatic but much, much happier.

What a difference a decade makes.


  1. Ah that's so lovely. What a perfect day, I can't wait to move out of London so we can do stuff like that! I too was awaiting the 'river of flame' a decade ago. What a dissapointment that was! I was with a boyfriend who turned out to be a totally useless comittment phobe. Thank God or I'd never be mum to my two girls! Happy new year and thanks for this heart warming post. x

  2. That is a beautiful photo.
    Staying in for NYE is the new going out! I still had a hangover this morning though :(

  3. What a lovely day and beautiful photo. We stayed in and I did lots of drunken tweeting on Twitter last night...oh the shame!! We could have done with a good walk today buy instead went to my parents for a huge buffet! x

  4. Sounds perfect, Happy new year!! I've tagged you into a meme over at mine...enjoy x x

  5. Thanks all, and happy new year to you.
    @ Its a Mummy's Life - Kind of nice to know that someone else was there too; it was all such an anti-climax, wasn't it?
    @ Make do Mum and @ Clareybabble - I am really pleased with the photo too, especially the little reflection.
    @ The wife of Bold - thanks for the tag! (And I sort of have a bit of a new year's resolution to reply to comments, as you can see.)