Friday, 8 January 2010

Prodding the Baby

Gertie woke me with a 'boo' when she arrived in our room at some ridiculous hour that I believe some people regard as the morning today. I don't, and so I promptly sent her straight back to bed.

The baby monitor chuckled - quickly revealing that she had not, in fact, taken my advice, but had instead decided to go into Gilby's room. I went straight in and found that she had woken him up by poking him through the bars of the cot.

Furious, I physically escorted her back to bed this time. But of course it was too late; there was no way that Gilby was going to go back to sleep now. Admitting defeat I turned on the light.

"Daddy, I'm afraid it really is going to have to be the morning," I explained as I brought Gilby into our room. "Hold him for a sec while I go and get Gertie."

But could I get Gertie? No I could not, because she was already fast asleep with her blanket over her face. She remained that way for another hour and a half. Brilliant. Thanks for that, number one daughter.


  1. Don't you love how sometimes its just as if an off button has been hit and they go zonk !

    Hope that isn't repeated anytime soon though

  2. Wish my child could fall asleep that instantly! Bless her!

  3. I think I've had about 2 nights in the past 2 years when they have BOTH SLEPT THROUGH!! Nightmare! Hope tonight is better x