Thursday, 7 January 2010

High Five!

I am delighted to have been tagged by Mum With Carrot in Her Hair for the High Five meme. Beginning my blog has been a major highlight, but so many people have offered that so I won't include it. Here are five other highlights of my 2009:

1. On the 3rd March at our twenty week scan finding out that 'Minibunks', as we had christened my bump, was not only healthy and growing perfectly but was a boy! Now we would have a little brother for Gertie, which I knew, despite my husband's protestations, was what he really wanted. Gilby arrived safely (though not quite in the manner planned) on 27th July.

2. My husband getting through to the televised stage of Masterchef. Strictly speaking this should be his highlight, not mine, but I was thrilled.

3. Getting my bicycle for my birthday. I probably shouldn't include a material thing, but it really was a highlight as I had wanted one for ages and my husband managed to select the perfect model. The timing wasn't brilliant as I was seven months pregnant and I have had periods in my life where I have had a slightly better centre of gravity than that, but it has had plenty more use since the birth.

4. Having my poem, Apgar Score, published. Since this post is all about me(!), I will reproduce it here:


There was a final tearing wrench
before we went from one to two.
They held you up in alien air
And took you for a minute.
Then they placed you on my skin.
I smiled, uncertainly, for the camera;
You turn your squashed-up face away
And in to me, as though to tunnel back in.
I didn’t know what to do
So I cried, I think;
And you cried, I think.
But somehow we muddled through.
Soon they took you from me again,
And did some things to that tiny you:
Weighed and measured and judged.

On display in that glass box
You passed your first tests.

5. This one might also seem a little odd, but it was going to the NATE (National Association of English Teachers) conference back in April. It was a whole weekend away with the chance to think about my teaching in a very focused way with no distractions. I had also been trying to get to the conference for five years and this was the first time my school had agreed to let me have the time and pay for the trip. I went with a good friend and had an amazing time - and these 'solo' experiences are so rare now.

So I know that lots of people have already been tagged with this, but I would like to pass it on to:

Hungry but Happy Mummy

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And anyone else who hasn't already been tagged but would like to share 2009 high points!


  1. Welcome to the 100+ Reading Challenge of 2010. I’m so excited to get this new year underway. I think there is going to be lots of great books published this year.

  2. That is some year ! I love your poem and I hope that you have an even better 2010

  3. Lovely list and poem but I am most impressed by Masterchef! I love that show.
    And lucky you having a husband who is a great cook!

  4. I love this poem! Fab! Well done... and thanks a million for the high 5! Mxx