Sunday, 28 February 2010

Seven Months

Gilby was seven months old yesterday. The time has just flown by. He can now:

  • Sit unaided, and it's been a good few weeks since we had a wobble backwards
  • Giggle, brilliantly and repeatedly at the same silly thing. Over and over and over again. I think he will be easily pleased in later life. Big sister Gertie would laugh a maximum of twice before a thing no longer amused her.
  • Pick up little things like blueberries; though he chokes if he eats them...
  • Look at what you are pointing out to him instead of focusing on the end of your finger!
  • Push himself backwards but not yet crawl forwards. Oh yes, and move mysteriously to traverse long distances but only when you are not in the room to figure out how he does it.
  • Wake up only once in the night for a feed (hooray, hooray, hooray, but when will he be able to go all night without waking up at all? His big sister had been doing it for ages by now...)
  • Dribble as though his life depended on it (very hard gums, but no sign of a tooth yet).
  • Make his likes and dislikes very clear. If he doesn't want that mushed up parsnip then those lips are clamped firmly shut and nothing is getting past them. Ditto for the medicine he just had to take; no wonder the ear infection took a while to clear.

I find the whole process of watching this baby growing and developing absolutely amazing. Maybe even more so as I watch it second time round. And this time I don't care if other babies are doing more or less than him at this age, in fact, I don't even notice.


  1. Yay !!! I love that path that they follow - how great that he's sleeping so well - my 2nd has been a less good sleeper than my 1st ... sigh

  2. @Muddling Along Mummy: Yes - it has taken a while for no 2; why is this?