Monday, 1 February 2010

Dry Night

We forgot Gertie's nappy last night.

She has been out of nappies during the day for nearly six months, but we only occasionally and apparently randomly have a 'dry night' and so she has been in a pull-up overnight for ages.

She was getting lazy though, and would just wee in it some nights, immediately before bed, as an excuse to get back up again. Very annoying, and of course they are not cheap. So we had taken to putting it on very last thing, post-last-visit-to-the-toilet. Except that for some reason we didn't put the nappy on at all. It sort of got lost in the goodnight kisses and bedtime story.

And so she came in this morning and it was the first thing she said. Accusingly. "You forgot my nappy. That was a bit silly."

I leapt out of bed immediately, imagining untold horrors in the bedroom. Unfounded.

So now I am wondering whether having the nappy on is the reason for Gertie not being dry at night. She will be three this May, so I suppose that we ought to get on with it.

Any advice for taking this next step gratefully received...


  1. I'm afraid I'm about 6 months behind you, but she clearly knows what's happening, so maybe a few wet beds would be all she needs to figure it out.

  2. I find that there's always a point where you've just got to take that leap.

    My three year old daughter very recently stopped wearing a nappy at night. I kind of sold it to her with lots of flattery about what a big independent girl she was - and so far so good.

    How does your daughter feel about having a dry night with no nappy? If she feels really proud of herself, it could be just the springboard you need.

    Will keep my fingers crossed for you. The quality of my life has improved immeasurably since we have been nappy free!

  3. Well done Gertie. I think just forgetting and getting on with it works wonders sometimes. Are you trying it again? Mich x

  4. Michelle - no we haven't tried again...yet. Think we will though. Just wasn't brave enough tonight.
    Gappy - I can't wait to be nappy-free. Gertie was certainly ready when we tried potty-training during the day; in fact I probably left it too late. I will just go for it.
    It's A Mummy's Life - I know, but just can't bear the thought of wet beds!

  5. well done to Gertie. The one night we forgot Little Miss A's pull up at night we had a wet sheet by the early hours. It sounds like she is showing signs of being ready.