Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I Didn't Sign Up For This

Parenting is a 'lifestyle choice', apparently.

I knew some of what I was signing up for: anticipated sleepless nights, dreaded terrible twos and supermarket tantrums, and definitely pictured myself making lots of mushy food.

But it is replete with other stuff I wasn't aware of. The small print of parenting; the way you just become immune to things that would be otherwise revolting.

I never thought I would be picking dried snot from a bedsheet, for example, because it was clean on last night and I do enough washing without changing the linen daily...

It never once occurred to me that gradually, over time, it would be come acceptable to leave the house with dribble and/or vomit on my clothes.

And frankly, the thought of scooping a poo from the bath with my bare hands would have been abhorrent three years ago. I can now do it with my 'matter of fact' face on, and barely notice it at all.

What did you not sign up for?


  1. mmm, nice. Yep been there with all three of those. The other night I had the pleasure of puke in the bath and having to wash all the play toys and my poor JJ down after he had been sicked on by his sister! Mich x

  2. I gave up with the bell syringe and sucked snot out of the twins' noses when they were tiny. So gross - can't believe I just admitted to that!!

  3. I definately didn't sign up for having to clear up child puke - or for getting it aimed at me and land in my ear and mouth!

  4. I didn't sign up for son 2 covering himself in the contents of son 1's potty about a year ago. That was one hell of a cleaning up job (it went in his mouth too - horrific!)

  5. I didn't sign up for having people treat me like I'm rubbish and worthless because I have children with me - I'm still an adult and still a fully paid up member of society thanks

  6. @Michelle - ah the permutations. I have not yet had the unalloyed delight of sick in the bath. Nice to know that there is something to look forward to.

    @ Young Mummy - I have tales told of the legendary snot sucking!

    @Emily O - Cannot. Imagine.

    @Muddling Along Mummy - Totally agree.

    @BNM - Yes, you have to learn to dodge stuff like that!