Monday, 22 February 2010

The Wonder from Down Under

Well, it appears that somehow it has been a whole week since my last blog post.

This is I think, my longest break since I began this blogging lark. Now, in my defence, it was half term, and having only been back at work for just over a month, I wanted to spend lots of time with the little people. But a week is a long time in the blogosphere, I have discovered, and I have plenty of catching up to do.

It has been a bumpy ride, but things this end are looking up. 'Brenda' has arrived, our very own wonder from down under. In fact, she has now been here for a month and has made herself completely indispensable in that time. She is 19, an ex-student of mine from my teaching exchange to Australia in 2005, and extremely capable and hard working. She is staying with us as a kind of au pair.

Brenda spent the previous twelve months working on a cattle station in the outback, mustering 1500 head of cattle and acting as a governess to two secondary children, so looking after a toddler and a baby for two days a week and managing a little ironing in Sussex is proving well within her capabilities.

And though we have to put up with the odd Australianism - 'doona' for duvet, or 'chooks' for chickens (not to mention a bizarre penchant for Celine Dion) - it is a small price to pay. The household is slightly less hectic and more colourful for her presence, and Gertie and Gilby love her.

Everyone should have one!


  1. oh wow, i would love to have a 'Brenda' she sounds great!

  2. Me too... does she fancy a holiday ooop north?

  3. I would even put up with Celine Dion if I could get a Brenda. Have you come across 'lollies' yet? Aussies call all sweets lollies (whether lollipops or not) which I found confusing.

  4. @Heather - hands off, she's mine!

    @The Dotterel - Come now, I'm not sure that even a year in the outback could prepare her for ooop north!

    @Make do Mum - yes, very confusing, and crisps are 'chips' so there are hot chips and cold chips (though of course we have only heard legend of such stuff - we'd never have either in our house......)

  5. 看到你的好文章真是開心 加油囉.......................................

  6. Oh my God, everyone needs a Brenda. If you get fed up of her and Celine, send them my way...plleeeeeaase x