Monday, 15 February 2010

Sunshine on a Perfect Day

Thank you so much to Make do Mum for this Sunshine Award. Exactly what I needed to get the half term week off to a great start.

And it worked.

It's been a lovely day.

We did a quality little underwater photo shoot with both children first thing this morning.

After the first flash at Gilby, seemingly fully recovered after a lingering ear infection, the photographer took a look at the image and said, "Well, that's perfect. You won't get a better one." Job done.

And Gertie strongly objected (a euphemism for 'had a screaming tantrum') the last time I tried to take photos of her underwater, but was seduced today by the props - lots of fairy dresses, wings and magic wands to choose from. So he managed to take a good one of her too.

And the final shot was of Gertie holding her baby brother under water. It is more comic than, er, beautiful, but will be special nevertheless. Big Sis was terribly proud of herself for being entrusted with such an important task and managing to carry it out. In fact, by the time we got to nursery later on, it had turned into, "I rescued my brother under water."

So I got to take both children to nursery afterwards, leaving me with my very first time of no children and no work since Gilby was born. I went to my gym (the one where I pay monthly and never get to use it so when I do go it ends up being the most ridiculously expensive visit; I think today's cost £36...) and then I went and sat in a coffee shop, watched the world go by and worked on some writing. It was amazing.
And now I have to spread the sunshine to some fantastic blogs. Too many to mention, but here are some that have made me smile lately:
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And to accept the little ray of sunshine you merely need to pass it on to twelve other lovely blogs and let them know. Hooray!


  1. oh wow, an underwater photo, what a lovely idea

  2. Thanks for the tag, will get around to this later. Wow an underwater shoot, would love to do that with the kids.

  3. @Ang and @Heather: Thanks guys...will post one of the photos on here as soon as I can afford to pay for them!

  4. My gym costs about that at the moment as I've gone off the boil since Christmas! Just called round to say hi - and am now a follower! Yay.