Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My Teenage Toddler

My toddler is displaying all the characteristics of a stroppy teenager. I can see exactly how things are going to be in a dozen years' time.

Tonight I called Gertie in to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She wouldn't come because, she moodily informed me, she was "a bit busy". She was 'a bit busy' having a tea-party in her room, but no doubt in a decade it will be the latest games console that is distracting her.

On the way home from nursery tonight she told me defiantly when I asked after Harrison (the courduroy-clad two-year-old love interest from Valentine's weekend) that he is now her 'ex-boyfriend'. Where did she even learn a concept like this?!

She won't be three until May, but at this rate I am fully expecting the first dismissive "Whatever!" when we discuss plans for the celebrations.


  1. My 3.5 year old is showing some very teen tendencies these days. lots of sulking, slamming doors and such like. i dread to think what the future holds. i might move out.

  2. Yes! The slamming doors! I hadn't even put those together, but you are absolutely right. And the telling me to 'go away' when she is playing. Let's go.

  3. Sounds all too familiar, i think all little girls are potential Divas, just don't make the mistake of introducing her to High School Musical or Hannah Montanna - a complete recipe for disaster!! Disney have a lot to answer for x