Saturday, 27 March 2010

Ketchup Lips

I hate supermarkets.

Really, really hate them.

I know that I am not alone in this, but I can only manage about three quarters of an hour before I start going mad. I think it is the lighting, the terrible acoustics, the other shoppers, (particularly the grumpy trolley bargers) the queues...collectively.

And then if I factor in Gertie, who won't stay in the trolley but likes to 'help', and Gilby, who will go in for about ten minutes then cries unless I am carrying him, which makes adding groceries to the trolley whilst chasing after a toddler even more difficult, then the whole thing becomes some sort of horrible nightmare.

I can't cope with it and so I usually shop online. But every now and then I am forced to go. And when I do, I have to treat myself to something; a reward for having survived the ordeal.

Today it was a new lipstick. I was really pleased with it. The colour was 'hint of red' and as soon as we had got home, unpacked the shopping and put it all away, I rushed up to the bathroom to try it on.

I came back downstairs. Gertie noticed immediately. "Oh mummy, your lips look a bit sticky." Short pause as she studied my face more closely. "Are they ketchup-lips?"

Maybe more than a 'hint' of red, then.


  1. oh dear bless her. I hate supermarkets too, much prefer to shop online

  2. I'll be avoiding that one then! Think I'll stick to my "honey blossom"...

  3. So cute!! Pop over to mine and borrow a new colour!!

    Yes - supermarket shopping (especially with little ones)is my idea of hell - thank god for on-line.

  4. my littlest project vomited (little britain style, no exaggeration) in my local Sainsburys on a saturday morning. All over the trolley, it's contents, the floor. Shoppers were literally slipping and sliding in it. Now i do all my shopping online.

  5. @marketing to milk - that is horrendous. Cannot. Imagine. !

    @diney - why thank you kindly! No more ketchup-lips for me.

  6. @muummmmeeeeee - yes, honey blossom couldn't cause such offence (and I really thought mine looked nice!)

  7. I don't think "ketchup lips" will catch on as a lippy colour but certainly made me laugh - bless her. I am blog hopping and followed a link from Diney. Great blogging going on here!