Saturday, 20 March 2010

Living in A Box

I was very excited this week to receive the new dining room curtains that came via a courier from Great Auntie Susie in Scotland. GAS works in a fabulous fabric shop and has the ability to make curtains. Since I am challenged by the simplest needlework tasks, I find this feat terribly impressive.

Anyway, the curtains have transformed the dining room and I am delighted by them. Quite sad, I know, but these days I am apt to get disproportionately animated by small home improvements (I leave you merely to speculate over the extent of last summer's ecstacy generated by the completion of the new patio).

However, (whilst not as appreciative of the patio as they might be, in my opinion) Gilby and Gertie are genuinely thrilled by the new drapes; but their delight is because the size of the curtains meant that they arrived in rather a large box. I know it is a cliche, but the packaging has provided, quite literally, hours of fun.
Gertie enjoys becoming a 'box monster' in the spirit of Little Nut Brown Hare in Guess How Much I Love You in the Autumn, and 'roaring' at unsuspecting passers-by. Just how long I can pass for an 'unsuspecting passer-by' remains to be seen, but it has lasted for four days so far.
Gilby is quite happy to simply sit with his sister within the confines of four walls of cardboard. And Gertie thinks nothing of just crouching in there for up to fifteen minutes at a time, with the lid on. I can't say I see the appeal myself.
There were squeals of delight when I suggested getting the box out again this morning. What a weekend awaits!

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