Saturday, 6 March 2010

Underwater Rescue

Well, our underwater photographs arrived and they really are very good.
All apart from this one.
This is the one where, in order to try to get a shot of the two of them together, I had to let go of Gertie as she held on to Gilby underwater. The one where, by the time we arrived at nursery in the afternoon, and we had praised Gertie for being so good in the water and holding on to her little brother, it had turned into a great tale of how she dramatically 'rescued' him.
Generally, and I am clearly biased, I have very photogenic children. On this occasion, however, it appears not. Rather than a spectacular underwater rescue, it looks more like Gilby is desperately trying to escape the clutches of his big sister before he runs out of air. And she, bless her, is clinging on to him with all her might, just as she promised her mother she would.
The photographer warned me, as he looked though his viewfinder, that this one might have 'comedy value'.


  1. It'd make a great caption competition... and are those really fairy wings?

  2. The Dotterel...Of course they are fairy wings. How else would you expect a two-year-old to dress underwater? Honestly!

  3. Funny picture, I love the looks on their faces!

  4. oh wonderful! i love this! If it were mine I'd have it framed and put on the wall!

  5. Haha, I love it! I agree with Heather, you should get this one framed.

  6. What a brilliant photograph! Love it :-)