Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Three Wise Mothery Things

I am thinking in threes this week due to nativity overdose: three wise men and three shepherds (and only three more presents left to get).

So here are my three gifts in Christmas week, my Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Three things which I have learned since becoming a mother, and which have featured with varying degrees of drama in my life this week:

  1. Never wear a long dangly scarf or beads while supervising a potty situation.
  2. 'Messy play' is a great idea, in theory.
  3. Sick over one shoulder is perfectly acceptable; over two, suggests carelessness.

Number one speaks for itself, really. In number two, whilst my back was turned red paint became lipstick and an ugly scene ensued. Number three was pointed out whilst I was at a Christmas party. Nice.


  1. good tips. im cringing inwardly at no.1

  2. whoops. I had a scarf on the other day when Little Miss A needed the toilet. Never again.

  3. Wise words indeed.
    I find that sick anywhere on me is acceptable so long as I have baby with me. I went to the dentists on my own and spotted sick on my jeans - oh the shame :(

  4. @Make do Mum: Yes, I think you're right about needing the baby-accessory...

    @Heather and @Mum's Survival Guide: You would think it would be entirely obvious, wouldn't you?