Monday, 21 December 2009

Delicate and Dangerous

Like most parents I am constantly amazed by my daughter's command of language. In her two years and seven months she has amassed a vast amount of vocabulary, much of it quite sophisticated.

The trouble is, I'm not sure that Gertie has entirely grasped the concepts behind the words. Here are three sentences she has used in the last three days:
  1. Whilst brandishing a large pair of scissors, foolishly left out by me following a Christmas wrapping frenzy, "Mummy, are these really sharp and dangerous?"
  2. Whilst holding aloft a small and very fragile Christmas ornament, "Mum, this is very, very delicate, isn't it?"
  3. Whilst approaching the grill pan, cleverly designed only to operate when open at toddler-catastrophe height, "Is this burning hot here, Mummy?"

There is no need to share my replies to each of these questions.

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