Thursday, 17 December 2009

Pencil Power

Gertie found a great new game today.

At first I thought it was really sweet.

She found all the pens and pencils from my pen pot in the kitchen, then lined them up on one of the kitchen chairs, and with a tea towel, tucked them all in to bed. She spoke tenderly to every one individually, commenting on how tired they were and how much sleep they needed.

"Ah, my darling little girl," I sighed to myself, as I got on with my household chores, going past every now and then with a basket of washing or a pile of clean clothes to put away.

It was only later I discovered why the pens and pencils were all so tired, poor things. And I got very, very cross indeed. They were tired because they had been 'climbing up the walls'. The long, arduous climb for the poor pens and pencils involved lots and lots of scribble. And that, therefore, added to the days chores as I spent most of the afternoon scrubbing off as much as I could.

I am guessing that this won't be the last time it happens.


  1. oh no! it's awful isn't it! and yet still, how cute.

  2. Uh oh! Yes our walls bear the marks of busy pens too! x

  3. it's really cute though!! I use sugar soap - works a treat on wax crayons.

  4. Oh no ... fortunately Toddlergirl has only tried to draw on our walls with the aquadraw pens!

  5. Ah but you can't be cross if she's being artistic!

    We are finally painting the nursery this weekend but part of me thinks 'what's the point?' she'll be scribbling over the walls in no time!

  6. Thanks for the sugar soap tip @ Holly, and for everyone else's empathy...