Friday, 27 November 2009

Things I'll Never Do Again

You know before it happens that parenting will involve sacrifices - financially, emotionally, physically. Things that I once took for granted like going to the pub, or spending one day of the weekend in my dressing grown watching entire box sets of television series: These I knew would be a thing of the past. But there are some other by-products of becoming a mum: strange things that I didn't anticipate being affected, but that I am now fairly convinced I will never try again.

Pre-motherhood I was happy to try most things: sky-diving, bungy-jumping, white-water-rafting, river-boarding; you named it, I would have given it a go.

Now with two very small people that I am responsible for, I have suddenly lost my derring-do. It no longer seems appealing to throw myself from a perfectly sound structure for the sake of bouncing up and down on the end of a large bungy cord. I was a keen recreational diver before Gertie and Gilby came along, and though we have been diving once since Gertie's arrival, I was a lot more cautious and risk aware than I ever was before.

So here, for the record, are some of the other lost activities:
  1. Roller coaster rides (I know they're perfectly safe, just no longer have any desire to do it).

  2. Taking my regulator out of my mouth for a photograph whilst scuba-diving (see photo).

  3. Diving from the top board at a swimming pool (as if).

  4. Rock-climbing (really used to enjoy this but ropes now look way too flimsy).

  5. Running for a bus (just a practical impossibility this one, with prams, bags, small people, etc.)

Thing is, I don't miss them - just wonder if that courage is temporarily displaced or gone forever!


  1. This is what happens when you become a mother. Survival of the Species! "What would they do without us?" is the mantra, I believe. I think it's also the reason I have been virtually cold/illness free since I had my Little Miss 17 months ago...I couldn't take care of her 24/7 if I was down with the flu or something like that. One day I'll have a mighty setback, I fear.

    Great to find your blog! :)
    Karin at Cafe Bebe

  2. When I think back on some of the things I used to do pre Little Miss A I almost get cold sweats. I can't believe I was so daring sometimes. Now I'm just plain scared lol.

  3. I've never been much of a risk taker but I'm even more cautious now. And I've started driving like an old biddy when K is in the car.

  4. I used to take small risks when I was younger, but now I just can not do these things. It must be something that is programmed in to us once we become mothers. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and have Karin to thank!!

  5. Are we related? I used to be a bit of a thrill-seeker and have done bungy jumps/parachuting etc but I sweat at the idea of jumping ON a plane now in case it nosedives into the Atlantic!

    Great to be in contact with another blogger from West Sussex x

  6. Ah good. Very pleased to know that I am not alone on this one...