Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Body Bees

Now that Gertie and Gilby are all grown up and at school and flying along, they don't make those funny language slips that are so entertaining for parents.  For some strange reason all three have said 'look likes' instead of 'looks like' all the way from very little. The best ones are when they try to describe something that they don't yet have the words for.

Gertie has come out with some good ones.  After going swimming and getting some water in her ear, she kept pressing the side of her head. "I can't listen properly, Mummy, because my ears aren't turned on."  And my favourite: when she was trying to explain why she doesn't like the scrape of nails down a blackboard she told me that she got the 'white feeling'.

But this week Eddie came out with the best description ever for pins and needles.

His face turned to a frown and, on the verge of tears, he explained that he had 'bees in his feet'.  Hearth-father and I helped him to stamp them out. At least I hope it was just pins and needles...

Two blog posts in a week?  Must be the Easter holidays!

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