Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Beer Ballet

Very occasionally, Hearth-Father has to do Gertie's 'ballet run' when I am otherwise engaged.

We were driving to her ballet class last week when Gilby piped up from the back seat, "Mummy, shall I take you to this little pub I know where Daddy and I go sometimes when ballet is on?"

Now.  Where to start?  Best not to, methinks.

Anyway.  The day of the ballet exam finally arrived at the weekend.  There was much fussing and an hour's worth of rehearsal beforehand.  Ribbons and hairnets and hairspray and endless tying of ballet shoes.  This was, of course, enough to send Gilby, Eddie and Daddy running for this little pub they know...

And on the way home?  After their respective afternoon exertions?  Well.  It's hard work in that pub!

Currently Reading:  Falling by Elizabeth Jane Howard


  1. That picture is do precious, funny and, I think, profound.

    Her there pround and erect but warm and smiling...surrounded by her passed out brothers...leaning on her.

    What more do you need to know about how men and women go through life separately and together.

    I'm also glad to know those boys are being raised right.

  2. I thank you heartily for your endorsement. I am sure that Hearth-Father is very proud!