Sunday, 16 March 2014

Report Season

The school book-bags were a little fuller than usual on Friday afternoon: large white envelopes with the annual school report inside.

Gertie's was, for the third year in a row, glowing.  The headteacher's summary at the end begins with, 'Wow!'

Gilby's is also excellent: my favourite line is, 'He thinks of himself as a writer'.  It has taken me forty years to achieve this for myself.  My son has managed it in four.  I am impressed.

Now Eddie.  He is too young for an official school report.  So let's just report on his activities for this morning...

He woke me up by poking me hard between the eyes, and in my bleary semi-consciousness I noticed that he was making off with my watch.  That is, effectively, a mugging, is it not?

He then proceeded to empty out every single toy that he owns into the middle of his bedroom, mixing up all the pieces from all the games leaving me with a couple of hours of sorting and tidying (and that is a conservative estimate).

Immediately afterwards he sat in the middle of the kitchen floor with his thumb in his mouth staring into space and refusing to sit at the breakfast table or respond to any kind of question or cajoling.  Next he used a garden chair as a pram, pushing it round the sitting room and ramming it under my legs so that I nearly toppled over the coffee table, narrowly avoiding a trip to casualty.

Finally he threw one of my prized ornaments down the stairs.

So, how about this: Eddie is a determined child with a strong will and a creative interpretation of the world around him.  He enjoys sequencing (and unsequencing) objects to explore the patterns they create, and using the physical space around him in an imaginative way.  He can be reflective at times, and his diminutive stature is of no drawback.  He has a growing awareness of his own physical strength and corporeal power. His clear fascination with the force of gravity indicates his developing scientific interests...

Oh good.  He's doing just as well as his siblings, then.

Currently reading: The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim by Jonathan Coe.

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