Sunday, 13 June 2010


One of Gertie's favourite foods is sausages. Her 'habit' is fed by her grandfather who never fails to bring her a ready-cooked sausage wrapped in cling-film whenever he visits. He has even, on occasion, gift-wrapped them; much to her delight.

At breakfast this morning, (sausages, obviously), Gertie suddenly noticed that I wasn't eating any. I am vegetarian and have been for twenty-five years, but Gertie had a slightly different take on things.

"Don't you like sausages, Mum?"

"No, not really..."

"That's because you're a teacher, isn't it?"

Now I can only assume that this three-year old logic stems from 'sensible' comments about her level of sausage-consumption. But perhaps there is some correlation between teaching and sausage-dislike that I have been hitherto unaware of?


  1. Do you remember that little terrier who spoke only the words 'sausages'!?? Sorry - this post just reminded me of it!!

  2. Not sure if I posted my comment as my pc is playing silly buggers today, but I said that your post made me giggle as I remembered that little terrier which a man with dark hair held under his arm and it said 'sausages'....god! was it a real dog, or was he a ventriloquist?!! Hmm.

  3. Yes - wasn't it more like, "hossages"? Was it an advert for Walls?