Thursday, 17 June 2010

Things That Go Bump In the Night

Gertie has begun sleeping with her light on. This has only happened in the last few weeks but we've some how allowed it to become accepted practice.

One of us has then slipped in a couple of hours later and turned out the light, just before we go to bed. Sometimes we get caught and there is a small drama; most of the time there is no problem.

Gertie has been more tired of late however, and I had begun to suspect there was more to it than a simple fear of the dark. This was confirmed this evening. Gertie had been 'asleep' for a good hour when a large 'thump' was heard overhead.

This interrupted our football-viewing and required some investigation. Daddy tiptoed upstairs and slowly turned the door-handle of Gerties's be confronted by a guilty Gertie, clad in bunny ears, fairy wings and iggle piggle trousers.

"I was just....dressing up." (Nothing, if not honest.)

It's lights out from now on!


  1. Lol very funny! My boys insist on the light being on, and if we sneakily turn it off they wake up! That said, I can't sleep in the dark and need some light somewhere too. But not because I want to dress up in iggle piggle trousers...

  2. its very funny how kids are or behave.......