Saturday, 4 January 2014

Traditional Dress

I went out dressed in my new Christmas poncho, feeling both snug and smug.

Daddy and I were enjoying a rare night out at a local Indian restaurant. It was a lovely meal, and as the time came to pay the bill, the remains of the Scottish banknotes came out.

When the waiter looked slightly aghast we had to explain that they were legal tender and we only had them because we'd just been staying in Scotland with friends and family.

I nipped off to the loo as the bill was being settled, so I didn't hear the next comment first hand:

"And your wife? Is she wearing traditional dress?"

Still snug, not quite so smug!

Currently reading: Death Comes to Pemberley by PD James


  1. The waiter's a cretin.

    The poncho is chocolate covered swank.

  2. I am.

    If you'll email me I'll send you a link to my other's closed from the public so I can make fun of my family. Ha.