Monday, 2 September 2013

Heavenly Thoughts

Gilby, who begins school this week, is brushing his teeth as he asks, "Mum, how far away is God?"
Wow. Where to begin?
"Um. In heaven, which is a long way away."
"Further than France?" Clearly, our recent twelve-hour stint to the south is still very fresh in his mind.
"Yes, further than France..."
He spits out the water he's been rinsing with. "In that case, I don't think I'll go."


  1. Ha.

    Mine just turned five and he and I are starting to have increasingly "interesting" theological discussions.

    On the way home from school, last week, he made a joke about God moving his furniture around while it thundered. He laughed, at his own thought, then offered that "God could have furniture in heaven..why not?"

    I laughed too and then decided to interject myself into the superficially simple conversation he was having with his self..."the Bible says Jesus sits at the right hand of the father...that God has a throne." Just as I'm ready to point out that this is probably metaphorical language...he cuts through the nonsense.

    "Daddy if God's in heaven how can he have a body?" At this point I desperately wanted to ask him what his conception of heaven was...dimensional? What am I dealing with here :)...but, he had moved onto no less important and pressing matters.

    "If it rains tomorrow can we still go to the (american high school) football game?"

    The issue we're having this weekend is how, according to him, we have to root for the cavalry to wipe out the Indians because God Blessed no no, not in this Southern household. That one while far more irritating...appalling really...was much easier to deal with.

    1. Brilliant. We have had interesting debate with Gertie about how exactly the soul 'detaches' itself from the body on death. She has a vague 'peeling' notion. It's too hard to even know where to begin!