Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ice Cream, Dad Screams and Bees Stink

With a two year old, inevitably a large proportion of conversation concerns 'poo'.  It crops up everywhere, so to speak.  For example, I might say, "What would you like for dinner?"  "Poo!" might come the unprompted (and undesired) response. I try to ignore it and not make a fuss, hoping that it is a phase that will pass. 

But I was surprised by a recent conversation that went like this:

Gilby: Mummy, do you like bees?
Me: (Slightly thrown by question, but anxious not to communicate any fear of anything creepy-crawlie) Yes, of course."
Gilby: But you mustn't touch them, Mummy, must you?"
Me: (Pleased at self-preservation instinct displayed by usually accident-prone toddler) That's right, Gilby, you mustn't touch them, because they might sting.
Gilby: Yes. (Firmly)  Like poo.

I puzzled over this for a moment, before he continued, "And skunks are very smelly too, aren't they?"

Ah, so bees stink, which is why they mustn't be touched.   I have some explaining to do...  Except that there wasn't time. Because whilst I was working that out, Gilby and his sister were pretending that their ice-creams were sun-creams and had smeared them all over their faces. Which is the point at which Daddy joined in the conversation.

Daddy: (In tone of despair slightly disproportionate to situation) No, no, no, no, no, NO!

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