Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Double Bean Surprise

There wasn't much left in the fridge: half a tin of baked beans, some left over new potatoes from a few nights ago, a handful of green beans. Supper-time loomed, but we had had a lovely picnic whilst walking the dog earlier in the day, and I knew, or rather, suspected, that the kids wouldn't eat very much. What to do? Mix those three ingredients together, and call it, 'Double-bean surprise'.

I called them in from the garden, trying to muster as much enthusiasm for the dish as I could. 'Double-bean surprise' echoed Gilby with a shriek and a degree of excitement not really appropriate to the level of culinary achievement that awaited him. But, in his defence, he is at that stage where he just mimics absolutely everything I say.

A few minutes later there was silence in the kitchen. Gertie smacked her lips as her bowl emptied. "Mummy, I love Double-bean surprise," she gushed.

Oh. Right. Gilby mashed quite a lot of it into his shirt; still, 'Double-bean surprise' was clearly a hit. I probably need to be sending Annabel Karmel the recipe. Feel free to use it in the meantime!


  1. you're blog is beyond great - thanks for sharing all those lovely details, feels like being with you. And I'm surprised&delighted to hear that number three is on the way..but then again - who told you so in the first place?! Very stressy at the moment - doing A-levels, but BIG LETTER coming soon. - reesa xx

  2. Ah, the lovely reesa! Great to hear from you. Yes, number three due September. About time for another visit, I would say! You will need to relax after those A levels!