Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sport and Sleep

Ssh. Don't tell anyone, but Gilby has slept through for the third night in a row.

This is the first time in his nineteen months. We have had the odd night, of course, but never three consectutive nights. Up until now we have taken it badly, too, since his elder sister had read the script, knew that you had to sleep through from twelve weeks old and did it perfectly. So we didn't know about these other babies, the ones that do not sleep.

I don't know whether to get excited or not...probably not.

Meanwhile, Gertie has decided that because her mother is such an Arsenal fan she will take on the persona of Arsene Wenger, frequently shrugging her shoulders, Gallic-fashion, and claiming nonchalantly, "I did not see it."

This is usually following a scream from a room where only Gertie and her brother were present. I am amazed by her capacity never to have witnessed what has just happened to cause her brother mortal pain or terror.


  1. You wait until they get to their teens - they'll be battering the life out of each other and quite openly too! The joys of parenthood...

  2. Well at least there's that to be looking forward to muummmmeeeeee! I now realise why my Mum got so upset when I fought with my sisters...

  3. i have 4 who have 5 times slept through the night...ever...i have bags giant enough to store badgers in!!!

    i just keep hoping....did u jinx it by saying it outloud??!

    see you soon, tamsyn xx