Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Look That Says It All


Yes.  So ignore last post entirely.

Hospital telephoned on Friday to say that they had looked again at the x-ray and Eddie did in fact have a cracked elbow.

So, once again I find myself up for the worst mother award.

Poor little mite.  Just in time for the summer holiday.



    Please tell me they don't have to set an elbow?

    I blame it not on your capacity as a mother but on the general chaos that little buggers naturally attract.

  2. Will find out tomorrow when we attend 'fracture clinic'. Meanwhile it transpires that a cast enables him to beat up his big brother, so it's all good.

    1. Good luck.

      I was three hours away when Martha called to tell me that the Boy had hurt his arm at school. She was going to pick him up and they were headed to the emergency room. I started home and shortly I get a text that says his wrist is broken.

      I felt terrible that I wasn't there and figured they'd be home by the time I got back. No. They were still there but when I got to the e.r. it looked like he was done. His arm was wrapped and I gave him a hug.

      Then the doctor takes a second look at an xray...and doesn't like the set. "Y'all are gonna need to step out." We could see what was happening though...and hear. He took the Boy's wrist and bent it over his knee and started wrangling it. Blake yelled and said..."mister why are you doing that."

      I've never wanted to be back in my car, 50 miles away, driving through Mendenhall, so badly....worst moment as a parent yet.

      The good thing was after the set...there really wasn't a lot of pain and they had him on an 8ball of heroin so he was pretty hilarious the rest of the night.

      He had two different cast...both wielded in a threatening manner at me and the cat. The camouflage one he keeps like a trophy on his bookshelf.

      Get well little fella.