Saturday, 25 September 2010

999, 990 to Go

I remember last summer reading about the millionth word to be classified in the English language. There was some excitement prior to its announcement in the press. It was, apparently, 'Web 2.0', though there was controversy over the verification, with serious linguists challenging the count. Words like 'slumdog' and 'jai ho' were also in the running.

But back in my little world, little Gilby has reached his 10th word today - 'cuddle'.

Also on his list and just about in order of acquiring them, 'Mama', 'Dadda', 'arm', 'ball', 'badge', 'bath', 'hiya', 'bubble', and 'duck'. Ok, so the pronunciation of the final consonant isn't always entirely convincing for some of them, but he can make himself me. And yes, 'arm' and 'badge' are slightly odd choices, which I could explain and justify if I needed to.

I'm delighted that 'Mamma' was officially his first word, since Gertie's were 'duck' and, believe it or not, 'tractor', and something approximating 'Mummy' only came many months later, and long after her father had got used happily used to being named by her.

So. Ten down. Just another nine hundred thousand, nine hundred and ninety to go for the little man to learn, then.

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